Saturday, 30 May 2015

MTH101 GDB No1 June 01, 2015

GDB No.1

  • The purpose of this GDB is to assess your knowledge and computational skills.
  • Produce you own work. Copying the text from any other student or from any website is strictly prohibited. You will get zero marks in this case.
  • Write the mathematical equations/symbols in Math Type software and paste it in GDBIf your answer is not typed in Math Type Software, you will get zero marks.
  • For the procedure click on the Tutorial.
  • Last date of this GDB is June 1, 2015. There will not any relaxation after due date. You have 4 days to complete this task. Submit your answers at the earliest to avoid losing your marks.
A new functionality (Preview) has been added in GDB to verify that your post is correctly displaying. So before posting your comments you should first preview the post and if the equations are correctly displaying then you can post the comment. 
Remember once you post the comments on GDB then you cannot edit or repost your comment.
1)      If a student posts his/her solution in MDB to show up others, he/she would be awarded ZERO marks. Your solution must be posted in GDB.
2)      If your solution is not in Math Type, your marks will be deducted.
GDB No.1
Due Date: June 1, 2015 Total Marks : 10
Question: Solve the inequality 79 3 x x −≥