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CS301 - Data Structures Graded Discussion Board (GDB) Due Date: July 25, 2014

Dear Students!

Graded Discussion Board (GDB) will launch on Thursday, July 24, 2014 and it will close on Friday, July 25, 2014.

GDB Scenario:
Consider V Mart shopping mall where lot of customers comes to shop different products and pay their bills on daily basis.  Quantities of products are changing regularly, incremented as they are stocked, searched and decremented (deleted) as they are sold. It is observed that insertion, deletion and search is in balanced form, as all modifications to the data need to be completed as soon as the items are sold to the customers or stocked in the store or searched.

The shopping mall also has registered customers. Number of new customers visit the shopping mall and get registered. The shopping Mall can renew registration, update status, and quit registration of the customers. Large number of customers gets registered on daily basis instead of get quitting registration. It is observed that insertion of new customers is greater than deletion and search operations.

GDB Questions:
Your job is to choose appropriate data structure for each of the above data (i.e. Products and Customers) keeping in view their given usage pattern. justify your choice with solid arguments.
Scenario 1 - As number of insertion, searching and deletion operation (of products) are same so you can choose either binary tree or hash function for its implementation.
Scenario 2 – As number of insertion is greater than searching and deletion (of customers) so you can choose either singly or doubly linked list for its implementation.
A concise, coherent and to the point answer is preferred over lengthy comment having irrelevant details.  Answers, posted on regular Lesson's MDB or sent through email will NOT be considered in any case.

Idea Solution  

I think either a bst or avl tree will work fine for this scenario. This can be seen from requirements
List of criminal should be loaded faster with the possibility to identify one as quickly as possible.
The trees can load the data faster because they preserve some order as compare to link list, queue or stack in which for each value we may need to find its right place and then rearrange whole thing. The other benefits of using tree is that the one offender can be found easily as we know that it takes nlog(n) to search in tree as compare to O(n) in link list, queue or stack.
Add/Remove Offenders:
The trees are faster to add data in them because we know that it will goes to its right place without the need of traversing the whole tree and usually requires nlog(n) to insert data. This is oppose to linked list, queue or stack in which we first have to search its right place and it can be worst to transverse whole data structure, so for them it can be O(1) but also O(n).
Deleting the offender from stack, queue and link list usually requires much time it can be O(1) if last but it can also be O(n) if it is first as compare to tree which is usually takes nlog(n).
Merging two offenders list:
The merging of two offenders list in linked list, stack and queue takes O(n + m) times where n & m are offender in two list. But in case of tree with appropriate use of algorithm it can O(n log n).

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Mr. Waseem wants to start “Printing on Packages” business. He wants to start this business with 4 printing machines. He estimates that the required investment for the business is Rs. 40 Million. He projects that revenue (before tax and depreciation) from the business will be Rs.8 Million for the first year and it will keep on growing at a rate of 5.5% annually till the 10th year. Some other information regarding the project is as follows: • Annual depreciation will be Rs. 4 Million under the straight line method. • Cost of capital is 10% while the rate of tax is 33%. Suppose you are running a financial consultancy firm, Mr. Waseem wants to get his project evaluated by your firm. You have to suggest Mr. Waseem about the feasibility of the project after performing different techniques of financial analysis to start a new project.


Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming CS401 ASSIGNMENT No 04 Solution 24th July 2014

No assignment will be accepted after the due date via email in any case (whether it is the case of load shedding or internet malfunctioning etc.). Hence refrain from uploading assignment in the last hour of deadline. It is recommended to upload solution file at least two days before its closing date.

For any query, feel free to email at:
Assignment Statement:
Write a program in assembly language which uses BIOS interrupt INT 21 to read current system time and displays it on the top-left corner of the screen.

Following should be the output of your code:
Solution  : 


Compiler Construction CS606 Assignment No. 04 Solution 24th July 2014

Question No 1:                                                                                                                       Marks 20
Consider the following grammar productions. Suppose you have an attribute E.type which can be set to either INT or BOOL.  Assume that the type of an expression is set to INT if an error is detected and you have a routine msg() similar to printf() that can be used to print error message.

E  à   CONST                               {E.type=??}
          | ID                                      {E.type =getType(;}
          | E1 +E2                              {E.type=??}
          | E1< E2                              {E.type=??}
          | E1= =E2                            {E.type=??}
          | (E1)                                    {E.type=??}

Provide the parse tree for the expression (5 < 2) = = (4 + x).

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CS304 Object Oriented Programming Assignment No 4 Solution Due Date: july 21, 2014

Consider the following Class Diagram; detailed description of the diagram is given in the table.

Class Name
Attribute Name
Attribute Data Type
Behavior (Functions)

Character String
Character String
Character String
    Air_Transport      Aircraft_TypeCharacter String                   -Ship
      Airline_NameCharacter String                   -Ship

In given class diagram, Transport is a base class; while Land Transport and Air Transport are its derived classes.
You are required to implement above class diagram in C++. For this you have to use the concept of inheritance and polymorphism.
Solution Guidelines:
  1. In Load () function of Transport class, a message should be displayed “Goods are loaded successfully”.
  1. In Unload () function of Transport class, a message should be displayed “Goods are unloaded successfully”.

  1. Ship() function of each class should display a message representing each class. Each class will display their own message when this function call will be made. For example, against Ship () function ofLand_Transport class, message “In land transport, shipping is done via Truck" should be displayed and against Ship () function of Air_Transport class, message “In air transport, shipping is done via air cargo"should be displayed.
  2. Behavior of ship () function must be implemented using polymorphism.

Idea solution  : 

class Transport
              float Weight,Speed;
              string Capacity;
             void Load()
                  cout"\nGoods are loaded successfully\n";
             void Unload()
                  cout"Goods are Unloaded successfully\n";
             virtual void Ship(){} OR virtual void Ship()=0;

class Land_Transport :public Transport
              string Transportation_Mode;
              string Vehicle_Type;
             void Ship()
                  cout"In land transport, shipping is done via Truck";

class Air_Transport :public Transport
              string Aircraft_Type;
              string Airline_Name;
             void Ship()
                  cout"\nIn air transport, shipping is done via air cargo\n\n";

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    char choice;
    cout"\n\nDo you want to transport your goods? \n\n";
    choice = getch();
           if(choice == 'y' || choice == 'Y')
           cout"\nThank You for using this Program...";


void Menu()
    Transport *ptr=NULL;
    char tpt;
              cout"Press 'L' or 'l' to use Land Transport Service\n\n";
              cout"Press 'A' or 'a' to use Air Transport Service\n";
              tpt = getche();
              if(tpt == 'A' or tpt == 'a')
                     ptr=new Air_Transport();
              if(tpt == 'L' or tpt == 'l')
                     ptr=new Land_Transport();

System Programming CS609 Assignment No. 03 Solution Due Date Jul 21, 2014

Assignment No. 03
Semester: Spring 2014
System Programming-CS609

Question:                                                                                                                               Marks 20     
Implement the program of lecture number 27 by using the BORLANDC compiler. Specify the LBA address you have given as input and show the contents of file created by this program. After the implementation of this program you take a memory dump which shows the successive operation of this program.  Also describe the values of this dump to prove the successive operation and also describes the whole processes of your implementation within few lines.