Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Tyga Lyrics | Pleazer Lyrics

N*gga, and bounce that back
I hit her, the knick-knack, give her that dab
Yeah, n*gga, smoke that
I, I know a little bitch by the name Shanelle
Always wearin’ Louis, but fake Chanel
I’m just tryin’ to nut like Chip and Dale
That’s some funny-ass shit like Dave Chappelle
Pussy-ass niggas all in my mail
How you get out early? You ain’t make that bail
Snitchin’ ain’t free, but all you do is tell
I heard you breakin’ bad, but the shit won’t sell
Yeah, all in your momma car wit’ no Ls
Now she can’t make work, so you dumb as hell
Need a ghetto bitch wit’ long-ass nails
To scratch a nigga back and cook my meals
I got Gs on the block, bitches on the cock
It ain’t a house party ’til somebody get shot
Want fifty in the pot, play the scene, they gon’ flock
Have a all-white party, niggas hangin’ off the yachts
Bang your pistol, you too smart and little
I came wit’ my tongue out, I’m high from the Frito
Pussy is mental, it’s too good, I send for
Run up all in it, I’m a be here for a minute, bitch