Tuesday, 2 June 2015

CS508- Modern Programming Languages Assignment No. 02 3rd June 2015


Ada is one of the Standardized and strongest programming language and has rich set of operators. Consider the following C++ code and write the equivalent code in Ada programming language to get the similar results by using the variables and constructs.                                                                                                                                              

using namespace std;

int main()
   float First, Second, Result;
   char operators;
   cout"Enter First values :  ";
   cout"Enter Second value :  ";
   coutendl"Enter any operator like +, -, /,* : ";

   case '+':
         Result = First + Second;

   case '-':
         Result = First - Second;;

   case '*':
         Result = First * Second;

   case '/':
         Result = First / Second;

         cout"Invalid operation: Program terminated." endl;       

   coutendl"Result =  " Result endl;

   return 0;

Guidelines :

Ø  You are required to submit your solution as power point presentation with audio recording (ppt or pptx).

Ø  Use the template for solution that is attached with assignment file.

Ø  The total time for audio recording should not exceed 4 minutes.

Ø  Make sure that your recorded voice is clear before submission on LMS.

Ø  If audio is unclear or corrupt, then zero markswill be awarded.

Ø  Record your presentation as given in demo video attached with assignment. For MS-Office 2003, watch “Audio Narration Recording Office 2003” while in case of Office 2007 follow “Audio Narration Recording Office 2007”.

Ø  If you are using Office 2010, then save your solution file with “Save as type”= “PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation”.

Ø  On first slide write your name, VU-ID and version of MS-Office you are going to use.

Ø  In rest of the slides, show your solution with audio explanation in a step by step fashion.

Ø Moreover, don’t forget to record your name and VU-ID on the very first slide