Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Data Warehousing CS614 Assignment # 1 Solution 20th May 2015

Online Cricketinfo system lets the users view the cricket statistics online. Cricketinfo is the online database which keeps the record of cricket matches and gives statistics for every international cricket match to its viewers. The database manages and stores all the fixture including past, current and future series. This helps to manage and store the record of all international cricket formats. It keeps information about future contests, location and ground information of each match. It keeps track of each individual cricket player and team. It provides a way to keep history of records or extra-ordinary performances that have been made in the history of cricket matches.
In context of the above case study, consider the below given ERD:
You are required to de-normalize all the One-to-Many and One-to-One relations given in the ERD by using appropriate De-normalization technique(s).
Note: There are three One-to-Many and one One-to-One relations in below ERD. You are required to de-normalize all these four relations.

Idea Solution  :